• There was a bittersweet feeling in my fourteen year old heart as my family and I boarded the Tehran train in 1974. The previous year had been my first international experience, and, however brief, it really changed my life. But now we were bound for the States via Istanbul and Madrid, and I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever be able to return to Iran.
    Visited Date: From 1974-05-25 To 1974-06-25
  • Iran is beyond my expectations, beautiful, serene and people are extremely friendly. I booked my trip entirely on the internet. I found IranParadise (Dina) very helpful and professional in her dealings. From the time we landed to departing, she was constantly checking to ensure how our trip was going. There was a minor glitch with a driver but she sorted that out swiftly. Thank you Dina. I would recommend this agency to everyone who are looking for a private tour of Iran.
    Anwar M Ali
    Karachi Pakistan
    Visited Date: From 0000-00-00 To 0000-00-00
  • Such a wonderful land it is. So beautiful. I just coudln`t believe my eyes. It is truly a paradise. Thank you for giving me suc h memorable moments. I had my best times in Iran even though I have travelled all around the world.
    Piper Comb
    San Francisco
    Visited Date: From 2022-10-10 To 0002-1