The visa process is as below:


  • 1. Fill up the visa form that we send you below, send the filled form plus the clear colorful scan of your passport.
    Also Americans should attach a CV.
  • 2. After you are informed that your visa is ready, deposit the money via our account then, send its draft to us by email.
  • 3. We send you the Ref. number (usually in 7-10 working days from the application time) & then you can obtain the main visa from the Iran embassy in your country or where you mention. After 3 working days of receiving the reference number, please approach in person the Iranian Embassy/General Consulate in Visa Issuance
    Place and collect your visa.
  • 4. The visa is valid for 3 months after issuance.
  • 5. Iranian Embassies/General Consulates regulations & schedules in issuing the visa are a little different. Please contact the Visa Issuance Embassy/General Consulate and be aware of their regulation and schedule to issue the visa.

Note: Our dear Guests having American, British, Canadian passport, are also welcomed, just their visa process takes about 1 month time, from the application day & they must have a tour package accompanied by a tour guide.

Visa Form

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Passport No:
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Expiry date:
Date of Arrival:
Duration of Stay:
Places of Visit:
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